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F.R.P. Marble Door

About Meilux Marble Door
MEILUX Marble Doors is a F.R.P. Door which can carring a heavy marble cladding, our engineers have created an integral frame structure that leaves. This innovative design improves the strength and durability of a marble door. The frame and hinges of door that is visible. You can choice single or double leaves door.
Door frames have been tested and approved in Lab. Our frame assemblies for swinging fire doors encompasses a wide range of sizes, including multiple anchoring methods.

Meilux Steel Door Fire Test
MEILUX Marble Doors has tested to B.S.476:Part 22:1987 with 2 hours F.R.P.. The doors are vastly used in hotel, hospital, apartment, factory...etc.
Meilux Marble Doors can install a different shape F.R.P. vision panel for different purpose. Meilux Marble door also can using conceal door closer to let the outlook more succinct.

Glass support structures shall ensure that the glass area is weather sealed as not to permit moisture to enter the core of the door. This is to be accomplished by utilizing pultruded FRP tubes to fabricate the window opening. Glazing must allow for ready access for repair, in the event of damage or replacement, without affecting the sealed integrity of the cutout in the door panel itself. Openings cut directly into the core material will not be allowed.
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